2015 Goals

Another year, another set of goals. You can check out my 2012 goals, 2013 goals, and 2014 goals to see what I’ve accomplished in the past, or check out my original 2015 goals post to see the rationale behind these goals.

Accumulate $14,000 in My Retirement Fund

Saved: $14,000 (0%) Left To Go: $0 (0%)
I’m saving $500 per month towards this goal in my RRSP.

Save $5,000 in My “Future” Fund

Saved: $16,873 (337%) Left to Go: $0 (0%)
This money will eventually be used for a house downpayment or a down payment on replacing our car, whichever comes first.

Professional Development Goals

Become Hubspot Certified

Status: Complete! I am now level 1 Hubspot Certified!

Get Google Adwords Certified

Status: Not yet!

Renew My Google Analytics Certification

Status: Not yet!

Take Three Ladies Learning Code Workshops

Status: I’ve done two of these workshops and am on the lookout for another.

Side Hustle Goals

Find An Additional Source of Side Hustle Income

Status: I have an idea! I’m going to wait before I share it though.