live your life.
Don't buy your lifestyle.

I'm a money writer who believes that real happiness is achieved by building wealth - not swiping your plastic.

I'm Jordann, a millennial money writer. I started writing about my financial journey on my blog, My Alternate Life, in 2023, when I was $38,000 in debt. My debt story isn't one of extreme spending or of being a shopaholic.

I didn't have maxed out credit cards or an apartment full of new furniture. In fact, I'd been pretty frugal until this point. Instead, my debt was from a four year university degree and a used car.

No matter the reason for ending up in debt, I vowed to pay it off. And I did, over $40,000 in two years.

Since then I've gotten married, accumulated a $10,000 emergency fund, but a home, and gotten divorced. Keeping my finances on track hasn't been easy, which is why I wrote about it every step of the way.

i find inspiration from 

A sleep routine, time spent DIYing, good skincare, Spotify beats, and really great books.


my money journey

paid off over $40,000 in student and car loans

built a $10,000 emergency fund and started saving


bought a home with a 10% down payment

got divorced, paid cash. kept saving


All about

Emergency funds, skincare routines, earning what you're worth, finally getting life insurance, spreadsheets, and Starbucks.


Hustle culture, feeling shame about your choices, feeling guilty for prioritizing your money, disappointing yourself instead of others.

agree? we're probably a great fit.