2013 Goals

I’m really hoping that 2013 is going to be as amazing as 2012 was. To help that along, I’ve set some goals. Check out my original post about my 2013 goals here.

Pay Off My Student Loans ($11,759.00)


Paid: $11,759 (100%) Left to Go: $0.00 (0%)

This is a huge increase over my debt repayment goal from last year, but I think I can do it.
My tax return had a huge impact on how quickly I’m steam rolling through this goal.
I also got a rebate from the provincial government, which I applied to my loan.
I officially paid off my student loans in June, six months ahead of schedule! You can read about that day, here.

Get Married Without Incurring Major Debt


I successfully got married without going into debt, and I even came in under budget!
You can see how much the venue, attire, and ceremony cost us, here.
I talk about staying under budget for the wedding in my July net worth update.

Run 500km

Run: 233km (47%)

I’m hoping my half marathon training will help with this.

Earn $4,000 in Side Hustle Income


Earned: $6,651 (166%)

I officially reached this goal in September. I made money side hustling by staff writing and monetizing my blog. Check out my full post on it here.

Earn a Raise


I got a raise from my employer this year, but more importantly, I got a new job! I’m very excited to start this new job and hopefully make it into the next step towards my ultimate career goals.

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