2012 Goals

Check out my 2012 goals and how I did on them!

1) Save $3,000 for my Wedding Fund

Result: Complete! Based on our wedding budget and how much money our parents are contributing to the wedding, I only ended up needing to save $2,000. I managed to achieve this goal on August 7th. You can read about the explanation here.

2) Pay down $7,500 worth of Debt Principle

Result: Complete! By the end of 2012, I managed to pay down $16,363.00. That’s 218% of my original goal! I reached this goal on May 24th, I paid off double my goal on November 30th. Big contributors to me being able to more than reach my goal was my monster tax return, my car insurance settlement, and extra blog income. Check out how I paid off all this debt here.

3) Run 350km

Result: Complete! I trained for a 10k run in May which helped me get the bulk of my mileage out of the way early in the year. I completed this goal on August 28th. I ran 437.9km in total, or 125% of my goal.

Goal Updates

April 16th, 2012
May 24th, 2012 
August 7th, 2012
August 28th, 2012